Vehicle Insurance Dubai

Vehicle insurance has some specialties concerning the other insurances that we can find in Dubai. Of course, vehicle insurance does not solely mean car insurance but also motorbike insurance as well. Hereby we will tell you a couple of interesting things about Dubai vehicle insurance and call your attention on what to have your attention when it comes to insurance.

There are some specialties in Dubai when it comes to vehicle insurance. First, a vehicle can only be registered if it is insured. However, the insurance time does not take long, yet it has its interesting point as in Dubai, only the vehicle that is insured and not its driver or owner. In Dubai, the categorization for insurance depends heavily on the actual brand and type of the car. The luxury category and SUV vehicles cost the most to be insured. The cars that have caused more accidents in the near past cost the most to be insured. A good example for this is the Nissan Maxima. Another interesting fact is that male drivers under 25 will face difficulties and higher rates to get their cars insured. The same thing applies for cars older than 5-7 years old, depending on the actual state and the brand.

When you drive in Dubai, you have to take care a lot more of a couple of things. One of these things is the off-road driving. In Dubai, insurance companies do not like to pay for any accidents that occurred off-road. The off –road means any territory which is not paved, let it be an unpaved part of the road or an unpaved parking place. Be very careful as it may cost you a lot of money if you have accident on such a small part and your insurance company decided not to pay. In addition, no insurance company will cover any "real" off –road driving such as dune bashing and driving in the wadis. If there is any accident caused by, you while driving and drinking alcohol, do not expect your insurance to cover any of your damages.

Have attention to the actual type of insurance you are to make. There are different types of comprehensive insurances. The fully comprehensive covers really everything but its high in price a bit, choose comprehensive with options, where it is you who can customise what you spend your money on. The Third Party, Fire and Theft is the cheapest sort of vehicle insurance in Dubai yet this will not cover any of your damages anytime. If you are an expat who wish to own and drive while being in Dubai for a longer time, bring your “no claims bonuses” certificate so that you get some discount for your new Dubai insurance.

In Dubai, it is quite easy to get your vehicle insurance. The vehicle insurance can be booked online as well when you will get an online from that insurance company. Collect some and decide to get the best vehicle insurance for you in every ways.

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