Travel Insurance Dubai

Travel insurance is definitely the most common short term insurance in the world. It is good to have and it does not cost a fortune, so it’s definitely a safer way to travel. Travel insurances can really be bought anywhere today, also in the supermarkets. So, what is travel insurance and how does it look like in Dubai?

Travel insurance is the sort of insurance that we can call a complex insurance constructed in order to be the most suitable for travels. This insurance gives protection against baggage loss, against unexpected cancellation fees and it gives a good basic medical coverage in case of a sudden illness or of an accident. This means that this insurance contains a bit of everything. These insurances were made because of the several troubles tourists got into during the time they travelled abroad. Thanks to the recent financial crisis, there have been several travel agencies which has declared bankruptcy and weren’t able to operate anymore as the local laws had often went bankrupt while many of their passengers were facing some serious troubles on abroad when it came out that the hotel their paid for will not accept them. This is such a surprise no one will ever want to have, so the new types of insurances give a good cover against such happenings and in the same time, the operational laws of travel agencies have been changed which means that you are luckily not likely to face these troubles. Although there are several things to keep an eye on when it comes to Dubai hotels and the difference between the prepaid price and the additional sum they ask from their clients lets turn back to the topic of travel insurance in Dubai.

Let us see what some of the best insurance companies offer for us for travel insurance in Dubai:

HSBC Travel Insurance Dubai
-emergency medical expenses
-coverage of AED 60.000
-immediate transportation costs covered
-medical treatment and supplies covered
-Additional expense cover resulting from flight delay max AED 250 if delay is more than 12 hrs
-baggage loss and baggage delay covering
-Non-stop medical assistance

Among many others, HSBC only offers continuous travel insurance for which you pay around AED 20 monthly. This company is the cheapest insurance company with the best reputation. As it is this way, if you do not travel a lot, look for that type of travel insurance that sees the day count when you are the travel and tells you how many days you want to ensure. Other companies do offer those sorts of insurances. In Dubai things go a bit differently than in other countries, so get yourself used to get some surprises, try to haggle and bring out the best of an offer.

Dubai people are still not really familiar with travel insurance and other sorts of insurances. Therefore, you can count on having to dedicate a bit longer time to getting good travel insurance. If you have an international travel agency with an office in Dubai that you know, than that’s the best place for you to purchase temporary travel insurance.

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