National Insurance

First, in Dubai, there are all sorts of different insurance companies, which do not work according to nationality, which would be a hard thing to do anyway concerning the fact that more than half of the population is non-Dubai. So, let us see some of Dubai’s best insurance companies and insurance sorts as national insurance.

The thing is that in the Middle East, things go differently, especially when it comes to insurance. In the Islamic world insurance is still not in tradition no matter it is offered by Islamic insurance companies or banks the rate of insurances made in the region is very low. As for the corporate insurances, these are more used as national insurances as corporations are in bigger need to get protected against any financial loss. Although there are several insurance companies in Dubai, apart from a few as Daman or Dubai banks’ insurances there are very few real national insurance companies although others also work as so , such as the Al Ittihad Al Watani or the Al Salama both of which are pretty popular in Dubai although they come from Lebanon. The case is just the same with NEXtCare insurance and Management Company, which is also Lebanese. Salama Insurance Company and the Noor Islamic Bank, which has its own Takaful Insurance Company, deal takaful Insurances.

Hundreds of insurance companies and agents offer insurances in Dubai. These insurances are diverse, just like the different sorts of health insurances, life insurances, travel and business insurances according to the need of the clients. Propriety insurances are getting more and more famous in Dubai, although mainly to cover the damage resulting from accidents because in Dubai there is almost no robbery at all. Insuring of jewellery and valuables though belongs to the national insurances of growing importance. Every big insurance company tries to suit the clients’ requirements the most, so they offer combined packages that cover more things in the same time. In addition, most of the Dubai banks offer national insurances, credit insurances and other security insurances to clients. Most banks deal with the insurances of one big insurance company in Dubai.

Until these days, apart from the corporate insurances there aren’t too many companies who live well in Dubai with selling only insurances. The only exception is the car insurance, which is an obligatory insurance everyone must have. Most international and national insurance companies make their profit out of car insurances still today. Although now Dubai makes steps to make space for the national insurance market by obligating companies to buy and manage the insurance of their employees.

There are healthcare insurances provided by all the insurance companies but there is no insurance, which would be obligatory in Dubai. Everything is up to the individual or the company who manages the insurances. As for the different sorts of national insurances, clients must check out which Dubai insurance company offers them with the best terms and conditions. Dubai makes the efforts in order for insurance to become a popular way of investment.

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