Motor Insurance Dubai

Motor insurance slightly differs from the car insurance scheme though the same insurance companies in Dubai handle them. Generally, there are many rules that are the same, but there are also differences that we can enlist when it comes to motors. Hereby we are to tell you what the differences and similarities are between the two.

If you would like to take your own motorcycle to Dubai, first make sure that you bring a no claim certificate with you. This no claim certificate will do good, because it gives you discount when it comes to your insurance in Dubai. Bringing your motorcycle to Dubai is of course way easier than bringing a car so many do so. An official registering procedure needs you to hold a motor insurance. For motor insurance, there are the following types of insurances to choose from TPFT, Comprehensive, Fully Comprehensive and Comprehensive with options including Comprehensive premium level motor insurance. Let us see what these names exactly cover:

• TPFT: This means Third Party, Fire and Theft Insurance and it is the most basic insurance you can ever have. It is also the cheapest type of insurance. When there is an accident, this insurance cannot cover it though.

• Comprehensive and Fully Comprehensive Insurances on basic level: This insurance costs 3-5% of the official value of your car. This insurance covers damage but you need to read all clauses and terms and conditions because there are several sentences which might say in many cases that the insuring company cannot be held reliable for exact cases.

• Comprehensive with options: this means a basic Comprehensive certificate with extra options you have purchased to it. These options may include dealer repair, free hire car, Omani free insurance or free insurance in the whole territory of the Gulf also the recognition of no claim bonuses. This is the most expensive sort of certificate; expect to pay 3-10% of your car’s value.

• Comprehensive premium level: This is a more special insurance that not everyone can get. Therefore, this insurance is very expensive. In nature, it is just like the Comprehensive with options Insurance with some more extras.

The important thing in Dubai is that you always try to negotiate with an insurance company. If you will not then you may get the highest rates. Even though you are not good at haggling, give a try, because you can never know. Sometimes insurance brokers sell insurances even cheaper than the main companies do. Try the brokerage service of HSBC that has some of the best and cheapest insurances. You can also go for trying the services of Al Ittihad Al Watani General Insurance Company or AXA Insurance Company, among the biggest in the world. The insurances of RSA Group are also promising.

Ask around for motor insurances also at other companies in Dubai. Companies such as Allianz Group also have great insurances. As motorcycles have a grooving fame in Dubai, the motor insurances are more and more common in this emirate too.

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