Health Care Insurance Dubai

There are diverse Health Care Insurance systems in Dubai. First of all, there is the governmental health insurance system which means generally the health card and then there are the private health care insurances which you can choose from freely. Let us see what to do to get health care insurance in Dubai.

First, we need to start with the Dubai Health Card, which everyone should have yet they are not that much useful for everyday use, they can be used for emergency cases and only in the governmental hospitals of Dubai. So, why you need the health card when you can’t use it day by day? The health card primarily serves as the proof that you hold a residence visa, as no residence visa is given for those who do not have the health card. The procedure will include some basic tests, to prove that you are healthy and therefore eligible to enter Dubai. The health card is important because of the thousands of immigrants who arrive in Dubai to work from the furthest parts of Africa and Asia. The screening process specifically aims to find TBC or AIDS in the blood. The tests take a couple of hours and you get your health card, in case everything is ok in the upcoming days. Health cards must be renewed every year. The renewal can also happen on the phone. Have your health card always with you in Dubai. The health card is the first step for you to take in order to obtain a health care insurance in Dubai.

As we wrote previously, the private sector of Dubai healthcare is much bigger than the private part. Therefore, almost everyone has their favourite clinic where they have an eligible health care insurance. The insurance normally covers basic medical issues, a given number of tests and a given number of yearly screenings. Most of the clinics offer different sorts of health care insurance packages according to age and sex. This is important out of many reasons. For sure, the private clinics of Dubai are not cheap at all. Each clinic has a partner, an insurance company with which it cooperates, so that they make a great business together. Today, it is the insurance, which is one of the biggest and most dynamic business sectors in the world. Today’s Nr. 1 health care insurance companies in Dubai include the Daman, the Al Ittihad Al Watani, NEXtCare and Axa. Most banks have contract with one of these companies in return for great commissions.

The one place where it is always worth looking around is the Dubai medical city where you may be able to get a more complete health care insurance plans, because of the high number of medical instalments in its area. the Dubai Medical City has been collecting the world’s best professionals and it’s really worth getting Health Care insurance in here because a good health care insurance should be able to use and to implement different other services. Ask around before arriving in Dubai on the best health care insurance plans.

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