Axa Insurance Dubai

Axa Insurance is one of the biggest insurance companies in the world with a reputation to go with. Axa is also one of the top insurers in the United Arab Emirates. Let us see what Axa Insurance offers for the clients in Dubai. The Middle Eastern centre of Axa is situated in Lebanon, Beirut.

First, Axa Insurance has so many services that they will be hard to describe if we want to go a bit in detail. Axa provides professional solutions for both businesses and for both individuals. It’s main insurance types include Comprehensive Home, Comprehensive Car, Life Insurance, Axa Prevention, Axa health coaching, Medical Insurances, Travel Assistance, For Your Company, Mechanical Expenses.

To say a few words about each one of the segments Comprehensive Home give your coverage and protection against Fire and Allied risks, Fees due to Claim, Legal Assistance Fees, Workmen’s compensation for house personnel. The good thing is that it covers all natural disasters too. Comprehensive Car insurance offers al overall protection for nearly everything that you can think of: protection against meteorological hazards, depreciation of spare parts, registration fees, partial theft, extension to Syrian territory, Hold up (thefts and holdup at gunpoint), Road Assistance, Replacement car, passengers and drivers coverage. Life insurance gives multiple cover for the covering of educational costs, long illnesses and of course death. As for the Medical Insurance part, AXA owned and installed the MedNet medical insurance network all over the Middle East. There are of course different types of medical insurances, the most important is, that you can choose according to your preferences what you would like to have, there are medical insurance even for unlimited coverage. The diverse plans within the Medical Insurance include Ambulatory Plan, Prescription medicine benefit plan and Medical Consultation coverage. The travel insurance of Axa works in two given zones: Zone 1 is worldwide with the exception of Canada and the United States, the Zone 2 is the absolute worldwide. The travel insurance of Axa gives a nice overall protection for travellers during their journey. The protection starts from delay protection to baggage, healthcare and cancellation protections. It even covers penal bail up to 10.000 AED, transmits urgent communication free of charge, economy class ticket for one close relative in case of such an accident which makes the patient to stay in the hospital for more than 7 days. These and even more cover and protection is ensured for the clients of Axa.

As for the business solutions, Axa offers lots of different sorts of business insurances, such as Work Accident and Employer’s responsibility insurance, Civil Engineer, Special Risks and Construction team insurances, Transportation insurance, Theft Insurance, Glass breakage insurance, Insurance for Fire and Allied Risks, comprehensive insurance for shops, civil liability insurance, special flight insurance ( Embezzlement, Loyalty).

These and a lot more which AXA can provide you with if you choose to be their partner from Dubai. For more information, check out the website of Axa Insurance and check out the Dubai office of Axa too.

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