Allianz Insurance Dubai

Allianz Insurance is one of the biggest and most well known insurance companies all over the world so its no wonder that it‘s been present on the Dubai insurance market for a long time. Allianz insurance is represented in Dubai in several forms, so we will see what can this great company offer us and how to find its insurances in Dubai.

Allianz Insurance AG is a financial company that is enlisted as one of the top five biggest financial companies in the world. Allianz is based in Munich Germany; it has extensive worldwide operations, and it takes part in various international business activities everywhere in the world. Allianz was established a couple of years ago in the United Arab Emirates with its Dubai branch. On the other side, the official seller of Allianz medical insurances in the Middle Eastern region is NEXtCare, a German-Lebanese company that has grown out to be one of the leading insurance companies of Dubai. Other retailers of Allianz products in Dubai are the Euler Hermes Company located at Warba Centre and the AGCS Dubai located in the International Financial Centre of Dubai. Allianz itself has its base also in the International Financial Centre. Allianz offers all sorts of insurance and investment possibilities for its clients. There is no insurance with which they would not deal with, in Dubai. Allianz has no specific targeted offers in Dubai, it offers the same insurances everywhere in the world.

Let us see what Allianz offers in segments and later in details too:
• Protecting Families: This means health insurance solutions and children protection solutions
• Protecting Businesses: This covers normal and specific businesses. The specific include aviation, and marine transport insurances. Allianz offers tailored solutions for every business.
• Protection on the road: this means the car or motor insurance and the research activities of Allianz on how to decrease road risks.
• House and Home: Household liability, and valuables protection, overall building protection plans.
• Managing Global Business risks: this is the local and global risk management segment of Allianz offering personal and business solutions for the clients.
• Optimizing investments: this also needs a professional advising crew who gives advice on managing investments.
• Employee benefits solutions: are great for all companies having employees. This plan gives great chance for a good overall protection of several employees in the same time.
• Old-age provision: offering great solutions and insurances for healthcare with extra services.
• Green solutions: Allianz is environmentally conscious and likes to look ahead. The good thing in the green programs is, that it calls the attention of the public to be more alert to the environmental problems and to make the future of our world better.

Allianz also gives personalised insurance plans. There is a chance to ask for a quote online, no matter in which country or city you are residing the customer service of Allianz will call you back and will let you know of the latest offers. Allianz Dubai can be a great solution for you no matter you are an individual or you own a company.

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